The "Take me home" tour

FAQ's & Host a show


What is a House Concert?

 I come to your house with my upright piano, play, and sing for you and your friends while you sip on wine and cocktails.


Not sure if you have enough space in your home?

You do. If you can fit ten people in a room, we’re good to go. We can get cozy. I don’t bite...often. Or we can do it at someone else’s house. Sometimes two hosts are better than one.


How am I going to get my piano into your home?

We have the technology. And we can always call the local strong men and women for extra assistance, if needed. Still concerned? Just shoot us an email and we’ll figure it out.


How do you host a House Concert? 

You don’t have to be a Gatsby to throw a great house concert. House concerts can be as simple as telling ten friends to come over and BYOB. Or hire a caterer, buy some high shelf booze and host a party of 50. Need some help hosting? Just email us, we have great ideas.


How long is the performance?

Typically 45 minutes with the option of a 15 minute encore and/or Q&As. I recommend allowing 30 minutes before and after the performance for everyone to hang out, have a drink, etc. If you want to keep the night going and burn the midnight oil, by all means…


How much will this cost you?

As little as $0. Costs can be covered by suggested donations, cover charges, a flat fee from the host, etc.


Do you live very far away from New Orleans? Like Anchorage, Alaska or Paris, France?

As long as you don’t live on the moon, then reach out. I love travelling and I love performing. I can’t promise I can make it to every destination, but I will certainly try.


When is this House Concert Tour happening?

It is always happening. But if there is a particular date that you would like me to come perform, please include that in your email.


Do you like the idea of hosting a House Concert, but need some hand-holding through the process?

 No problem. I love holding hands. If you have any questions, just shoot us an email. I encourage anyone who is interested in this to reach out. Everything listed here are merely guidelines. The whole idea is provide a personal, musical experience for you and your friends to enjoy.